Se filtra trailer de Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix leaked trailer from marvelstudios

Se filtró el Trailer de #DarkPhoenix pero grabado medio de espía y en ruso!!

Charles) — Jean , whose blood is on your shirt?

(Jean) — I’m scared


(Jean Dad) Do you know that it’s a classic, yeah?


(Charles) She went through a lot…at this age.


(Charles) I can help you.


(Raven) — What did you do to her, Charles?

(Charles) — Protected her.

(Charles) All this pain, anger, a passion for destruction, one day all this will break out.


(Jessica Chastain character) You feel that you do not belong here. And there is. And they(or something like that. I didn’t understand this words well) are not able to understand who you are.


(Charles) — Something’s happening to her. She’s transformed.

(Raven) — In what ?

(Charles) — I don’t know.


(Scott) Jean escaped from control. But she is still our friend.


(Erik) — Our world is on the brink of disaster.

(Charles) — I’m sorry. I could not foresee this.

(Erik) — You’re always sorry, Charles. But you always make a speech. But nobody cares now.


(probably Charles) I saw evil. I’m looking at him now.



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